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To Tweet or not to Tweet?

Fri 22 May 2015

So I had been using Facebook for my personal use for many years and loved getting acquainted with old school friends when my children tell me I would “love tweeting”? Tweeting what’s that all about? I can’t say what I need to in 140 characters; I love to talk for goodness sake! So I didn’t feel the urge to download the “app” and continued with my little Facebook profile.

Moving on a year and a little bored of the “what’s on your mind” from Facebook, I decided to see what this little blue bird is all about …….

So as probably everyone does, my nosiness comes out and I “follow” some of my favourite celebrities, well who doesn’t want to know what Robbie Williams is up to??? Then after I have finished the obligatory stalking mode it dawns on me that this little blue bird is quite useful for telling me what a restaurant is like, what car to buy and whose scoring in the football games – wow all with 140 characters !!

It then made me realise how important this tool could be to our customers. If I search twitter for items I am looking for or services I require, then are there viewers out there for the properties we are advertising? So we as a company began to really utilise social media, and although this obviously isn’t our main form or promoting our business and our properties for sale or rent, we have found the little bird so useful.

So let me explain what Social Networking does:

It allows individuals to interact with one another and build relationships. Although only using so few characters, this form of interaction can be more personal and relaxed than traditional methods of marketing & advertising. Social networking sites act as word of mouth, allowing followers to “re-tweet” or “repost” comments made by others about a product being promoted. By repeating the message, the user’s friends and connections are able to see the message which in turn reaches more people. Because the information about the product is being put out there and is getting repeated, more traffic is being brought to the item/property.

Using social media to sell a house might seem a bit strange, especially if you’re not very social media savvy or if you only use social media to communicate with friends and family. However, by Andersons using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we expand the properties audience, gains further exposure and spreads the word about a property for sale quicker.

For that matter, here are a few points how we try to make the most of social media when selling your house.

  1. Including the use of hashtags ensures the post is going out to the correct audience, i.e. #3bedroom #semidetached #sale #Hillsborough #property
  2. By posting detailed information and pictures about your property on our social media pages, gives the home exposure and attracts interest.
  3. The more places you share information about the property, the greater your odds of finding a buyer. We Tweet photos or post links on our social media pages, and then encourage our clients to share with their friends and relatives on their network. Let’s say you have 100 friends, and 10 of your friends share the post with their network of 100 friends. That’s 1,000 people who’ll hear about your property – and from this thousand, a handful might be interested in taking a look at your home.

Social media will never be our main source of advertising however it is an excellent addition. The main advertising platforms are still the likes of Rightmove & Zoopla as they are household names and will be most people’s first port of call when it comes to researching property. We now also have installed new cloud based Estate Agency software/ website, which are both designed to communicate directly with the portals allowing for ease of listings property with them and updating instantly.


So I will leave you with the thoughts of “to tweet or not to tweet” whilst I just drop a little blue bird message to George Clooney as apparently he is moving to England ……….